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Welcome to USC Hillel Without Walls!

We're here to support your Jewish journey at USC, whatever that looks like. This platform will help you find events hosted by Hillel professionals, the student board, and your friends. You can also register YOUR events to receive resources (financial and more) to help your experience takeoff.

Start taking control of your Jewish journey today!

How to Host an Event

Host Your Own Event

Step 1:

Visit, click "Sign In" or "Sign Up" and create an account

Step 2:

Click create an experience, select "private event" and submit your event description

Step 3:

Fill out and submit THIS EVENT FORM

Step 4:

Send your friends the RSVP link! 

**For Shabbat, you must create your event by Wednesday at 5:00pm

For questions email

Check out our "How To" video of how to sign up/create your own event on Hillel Without Walls!

For questions, please email

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