FreshFest Info & FAQ's


We're here to answer all of your FreshFest questions. If you can't find the answer here, please feel free to email for registration questions and for program questions.

What is FreshFest? What is refreshfest?

FreshFest is a two-day retreat for incoming Jewish Trojans to meet fellow USC students, get tips from upperclassmen about campus life, and get a head start at USC.

RefreshFest, is FreshFest for rising sophomores or second year students (students who transferred to USC last academic year) whose FreshFest was hosted virtually last year.


RefreshFest will run in conjunction with FreshFest at Camp Alonim.

Where is the retreat?

FreshFest takes place at Camp Alonim, a Jewish summer camp in Simi Valley, California. On Monday, we'll meet at USC Hillel and take buses to camp for a fun-filled USC experience. Camp Alonim features pools, fields, a bonfire, and cabins for sleeping!

Do I need to be Jewishly involved before College to go?

Definitely not! Hillel is a pluralistic environment, and our staff and students all come from a wide variety of Jewish backgrounds. Our programming represents the variety of Jewish life at USC, and we look forward to welcoming you all to the USC community!

That sounds Amazing! How do I register?

We know! Click the big yellow button! 

When is the retreat?

Both FreshFest and RefreshFest will take place on August 16th and 17th! (That's Monday and Tuesday.) A more detailed schedule will be emailed to you soon!

Why should I go?

  • Get to know other Jewish Trojans before school even starts

  • Discover micro-communities and learn how to get involved on campus

  • Discover the amazingness of Jewish Life and Hillel on campus!

Who's going?

FreshFest is for all first year students – fall and spring freshman admits, and transfers too! You’ll also meet upperclassmen First-year Engagement Fellows (FEFs) who will run your activities in small groups, and serve as year-long mentors to help you transition into college life.

RefreshFest is for all second year students including rising sophomores and students who transferred to USC last academic year. 

What is the deadline to sign up?

The deadline to register for FreshFest is July 16th. Register anytime via the Freshfest website! The registration fee is fully refundable by August 12th; contact with refund requests.