FreshFest - About Early Move-In


How Does Early Move-In Work?

  • As a convenience to Hillel Freshfest participants, USC Housing may let students move in before the official move-in day, assuming their room is ready. Students will receive an e-mail with further instructions for early move-in as Freshfest approaches. Please understand that early move-in is at the discretion of USC Housing, and availability varies depending on the dorm. All early move-in fees are charged by USC Housing, NOT by USC Hillel. If students are granted early arrival, they will be charged $75 per night for each night they move in early.

  • Students must understand that early move-in is not guaranteed and that they need to contact their Customer Service Center (CSC) in writing or by email after August 3rd to confirm that their early arrival can be accommodated. Early move-in lists are sent to the housing office mid-July

    • Click on “Customer Service Centers” at the bottom of the page.

    • Scroll down to find the residence building you are in for the specific email address and phone number.

    • Be precise in which email address you use to avoid confusion. Be sure to follow up if no response is received. You can also call to confirm early move-in (not to request it).

  • We communicate to USC Housing about the importance of allowing Freshfest participants to move in early, but please keep in mind that all move-in activity is organized by USC Housing, and not by USC Hillel. Therefore, we cannot make any guarantees regarding early move-in.