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FreshFest - About Early Move-In

How Does Early Move-In Work?

  • As a convenience to Hillel Freshfest participants, USC Housing may let students move in before the official move-in day, assuming their room is ready. Students will receive an e-mail with further instructions for early move-in as Freshfest approaches. Please understand that early move-in is at the discretion of USC Housing, and availability varies depending on the dorm. All early move-in fees are charged by USC Housing, NOT by USC Hillel. If students are granted early arrival, they will be charged $75 per night for each night they move in early.

  • Students must understand that early move-in is not guaranteed and that they need to contact their Customer Service Center (CSC) in writing or by email after August 3rd to confirm that their early arrival can be accommodated. 

    • Click on “Customer Service Centers” at the bottom of the page.

    • Scroll down to find the residence building you are in for the specific email address and phone number.

    • Be precise in which email address you use to avoid confusion. Be sure to follow up if no response is received. You can also call to confirm early move-in (not to request it).

  • We communicate to USC Housing about the importance of allowing FreshFest participants to move in early, but please keep in mind that all move-in activity is organized by USC Housing, and not by USC Hillel. Therefore, we cannot make any guarantees regarding early move-in.

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