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Shabbat 101 

Shabbat, the Jewish Sabbath, is a 25-hour weekly rest period before sundown on Friday through nightfall on Saturday. While different sects and cultures in Judaism celebrate and recognize Shabbat differently, it is a central and enduring practice among Jewish people.


Shabbat is a time where we engage with the people who are most important to us, reflect on the week, and recharge for the coming week.


To read more about Shabbat, check out this article at and this video by BimBam: 

DIY Shabbat

It’s not always possible to make it to Hillel for a Friday night Shabbat dinner. For those nights, Hillel wants to support your own Shabbat at home!


If you are doing Shabbat at home for the first time, these resources will be helpful for leading rituals at the beginning and end of the meal. If you'd like to learn more about these rituals from a USC Hillel staff member, feel free to contact our Rabbinic Intern Esther at We are happy to help!

Click below for the Shabbat blessings in their most basic form.

Click below for a full Shabbat ritual guide courtesy of OneTable. 

If you want to host your own Shabbat dinner, 

Shabbat at USC

When our building is open, USC Hillel hosts between 150 and 200 students each Friday night for services and dinner. Because our building is currently closed, we have migrated to helping you host your own Shabbat at home! 

Our platform Hillel Without Walls makes it easy to create your very own Shabbat experience with your pod!

More Help with Shabbat

General Shabbat Blessings

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Shabbat Candle Lighting Blessings

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Friday Night Kiddush Blessing

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Ritual Hand Washing

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Blessing Over the Bread

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