A Letter from USC Hillel's Co-Presidents,

Sara Okum & Nicole Waldman, class of 2021

Our entire world has been through a lot in 2020. The language of transition, change, the unexpected, and the new has defined our daily lives. Through this trying time, community and stability has increased in value in the most beautiful way, and we have held this especially close in our leadership at USC Hillel. When we asked a range of students, some of whom may have attended one Shabbat dinner and others of whom are regulars at our weekly programming, “what do you love about Hillel?” The answer, without fail, is some variation of “the constant strength of our community.”  


When school first shut down, Hillel was there. When our summer plans got canceled, Hillel was there. When our community faces adversity, Hillel is there. And as we return to a year filled with unanswered questions, Hillel is here for us. USC Hillel has found a way to endure, connect, and continue to create memories through these unprecedented times, from DJ performances to game nights and networking opportunities, from Rosh Chodesh circles to Challah baking lessons. Bringing these experiences to our peers has served as a reminder to all of our USC Jewish students that no matter what happens in the world and what challenges we face, we have a strong and adaptable community at USC Hillel that cannot and will not stop.

Our work to bring our students together, no matter where in the world they are, is not possible without you. Thank you for ensuring that we can continue to lead and to connect our Jewish students with our unbreakable community. It brings us great comfort knowing that Hillel will always have such ruach, or spirit, from you, the community that shapes it. On behalf of the Jewish students at USC, thank you. In this chaotic time, nothing has brought us more meaning than the strength of the Jewish community.

L’shanah Tovah and Fight On,

There is nothing we could share with you as we welcome this new year to better describe the impact of your support. Our students depend on Hillel as a loving campus home, as an advocate for their campus experience, as a foundation for their holistic wellness, and as an incubator for Jewish leadership. Our students need Hillel, and Hillel needs you. Thank you for your generous and meaningful commitment.