Host at Home

Welcome to USC Hillel Without Walls! We're here to support your Jewish journey at USC, whatever that looks like. This platform will help you find events hosted by Hillel professionals, the student board, and your friends. You can also register YOUR events to receive resources (financial and more) to help your event takeoff. Start taking control of your Jewish journey today!

Here’s how it works:

  • Preferably at least one week in advance of your Shabbat or Holiday meal, you will go to and click on “Create an Experience”. Once on the “Create an Experience” page, you’ll answer some initial planning questions.

  • On the Experience Details page, you’ll start filling in the rest of the information about your meal. 

    • For Shabbat: If you are getting catering from Hillel, select the Tuesday before your meal at 5pm as the guest RSVP deadline.

  • Make a decision about food for your meal. 

    • If you’re cooking, you can add a menu for your guests to see. 

    • If you want catering from Hillel, select the catering option and follow the instructions for how to ask your guests for their meal choice. 

      • Catering Instructions

        • To receive catering from Hillel for your guests, you must select to ask them the provided questions about meal order and allergy. When they RSVP, this is how they will choose their meal choice. 

        • Hosts and guests must RSVP by Tuesday to guarantee catering. Hosts will receive a link in their approval email to select their own meal choice and/or ritual items and their pickup time slot. Your guests will be prompted to make a meal selection once they RSVP to your meal.

  • Submit for approval! You will receive an email confirmation when your meal is posted. Once your meal is posted, invite your guests! You can do so from your “manage experiences” tab, or directly from your event page. You will be notified by email when guests RSVP. 

  • Host!

    • If you ordered catering or any ritual items, you will pick them up at Hillel at your designated time. 

    • If cooking, you will use our reimbursement form to get reimbursed $10/person up to 10 people indoors and 15 people outdoors (we do not reimburse for alcohol). You can find this form in your event approval email.

    • You can download your attendance list directly from the platform, make any necessary updates, and upload it directly into the reimbursement form. 

If you or your guests register after the catering deadlines, we cannot guarantee a meal. 

How to Shabbat SERVICES: 

  • Go to and hover over “Find by Category” and then select “Services” to find up-to-date service registration information.