Group Therapy 

Group Therapy (7 sessions for 1 hour each).

Pre-registration is required and we will have a maximum of 8 students/group.

Please call Rebecca Ruben, ASW at 213-973-1201 to learn more or register for a group.


Stress & Anxiety Management

Stress and anxiety can manifest in our minds and bodies in a myriad of ways. While anxiety presents differently for everyone, there are strategies and techniques we can learn to employ that help reduce its negative effect on our well-being. The Stress & Anxiety Management group will utilize cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness techniques to teach ways to reduce anxiety and help students feel more empowered in their daily life. Group members will process their own personal experiences and discuss strategies together.  Day and time TBD based on student interest.


Graduating Seniors Support Group

Graduating from college is a major life transition and one that often comes with a mix of emotions from excitement and pride to fear and confusion. This process group will provide a space for graduating seniors to reflect on their final months at USC and share in their hopes, dreams and concerns for their next chapter. Day and time TBD based on student interest.