FreshFest Health & Safety


We know that the COVID-19 pandemic introduces a lot of uncertainty and confusion into all of our lives, which is why we are committed to being as transparent as possible. As soon as we know any new information, we'll be posting it here for you to see

Health and Safety Updates

August 9, 2021

We are excited to welcome you to USC in one week! As we prepare for our time together, we also recognize our responsibility to take every reasonable precaution to reduce the risk of Coronavirus transmission in our community. Please note the following protocols for the FreshFest experience, and plan accordingly prior to joining us in Los Angeles:

  1. All FreshFest participants will be asked to show proof of vaccination prior to boarding the bus to Camp Alonim. A photograph of your vaccine card or a digital record displayed on your phone will be accepted.

  2. *NEW* - All FreshFest participants must also show proof of a negative Coronavirus test result from a PCR test administered no earlier than Friday, August 13. Students can complete POP testing via USC, or schedule a test via your local pharmacy. We recognize that this adds another logistical piece to your planning as you prepare for your time on campus, and did not reach this decision lightly. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

  3. Masks will be worn whenever indoors per LA County and USC policy, and FreshFest will adhere to all current public health protocols. To view the most recent update from USC on in-person activities, please click here.

MAY 26, 2021

As we navigate COVID-19 protocols, we are monitoring CDC, DPH, and USC guidelines and planning for different FreshFest contingencies. We expect FreshFest and RefreshFest to be fully in-person. We will share updates as we receive them. Our goal is to provide the most enriching and interactive experience possible while ensuring personal and communal safety. 

APRIL 19, 2021

We are excited to welcome new Trojans to USC, but we cannot underestimate the continuing health threat posed by COVID-19. The location for FreshFest 2021 will depend on campus and Los Angeles county health guidelines. We are preparing for fully in-person, hybrid, and online contingencies.