Student Committees

Become a Leader at USC Hillel!

Click here to download a listing of available 2012 positions and the application.  Applications in short-answer form should be mailed to by Thanksgiving.

Shabbat Committee

 Co-Chairs: Beeca Wertman (meals) and Leora Weinstock (services) If you would like to get involved with Shabbat, either by helping Becca for an hour or 2 in the kitchen, leading one of our 2 Friday night minyanim – traditional egalitarian or musical Reform, please contact either Becca or Leora. Also, Ellen Feldman, our learning-chair, is in charge of organizing text studies at the musical Reform minyan.

Hillel hosts services and dinners almost every week, always with a theme, whether fun or related to a tzedek (social justice) project or based on the special guests invited that week. Often we have a guest speaker, Reb Ethan always prepares a short dvar Torah, and students and community members are all welcome to linger and enjoy the special spice that comes with celebrating Shabbat among friends.

Social Committee

The social committee works closely with the student president and Reb Ethan to plan events, both around holidays and generally of interest to Jewish students. Please get involved by coming to open student board meetings this year to help plan events and outings you want to see happen at Hillel!

Freshmen Engagement Committee

As anyone who’s ever been on FreshFest (our annual Jewish freshmen orientation program) knows, Hillel student leaders work hard to engage new freshmen and get them involved with Hillel and Jewish life on campus. This year’s Freshman Engagement co-chairs are Juliet Schwartz and Josh Fliegel. There are also 15 Freshmen Engagemnt Fellows who not only serve as counselors on FreshFest itself, but continue to engage Jewish freshmen throughout the year. FEF’s (Freshmen Engagement Fellows) meet monthly to check-in, learn new tools for engagement, and plan programs specifically for Jewish freshmen.

Tzedek Committee

Tzedek—social justice—is an important part of Hillel and what we’re all about. That said, tzedek initiatives only get off the ground with student support and initiative. Get involved today to plan social justice initiatives, which we will have monthly throughot the year. As part of the Obama Challenge, we are also making a push to reach out and do justice work with other multicultural and religious groups on campus. Contact Jessica Youseffi at

Jewish Learning

Eric Kawalsky and Ellen Feldman are Hillel’s chairs for Jewish learning. There are multiple opportunities for Jewish learning. If interested, the most obvious step to make is to join an evening learning group with Reb Ethan. (See Events & Programs for more details on Jewish Learning current offerings). Ellen is also organzing a Jewish Culture series this semester. In addition, Hillel hosts a monthly lunch and learn called the “Casden Series” in partnership with the Casden Institute for the Study of the Jewish Role in American Life at USC and with the Louchheim School of Judaic Studies at USC. In this series, a different professor (who is Jewish or researches Jewish topics) is invited to each session to share his or her research and how Jewish values have informed his or her professional path. This is a great opportunity to get to know professors outside the classroom and learn from their life-stories as well as their minds.