Student Committees

Become a Leader at USC Hillel!

Interested in a leadership opportunity at Hillel? We are looking for a dynamic group of students to make the 2014-2015 year the best year possible! Hillel wants to organize programs, trips, meals, service projects, and whatever YOU are looking for! Contact Alison at or Bailey at for more information.

Shabbat Committee

Co-Chairs: Danyel Copeland and Arye Lavin
Hillel hosts services and dinners three times a month. When there is not Shabbat dinner in the building, USC Hillel hosts a program called Shabbat in a Box. Students will be given everything they need to host Shabbat dinner in their own dorm, apartment or house, including ritual items and blessings, recipes, notes on the Torah portion, and a gift card to the local grocery store!
If you would like to get involved with Shabbat, we would love to have you. Please contact either Danyel at, Arye at, or Rabbi Emily Hyatt at

Social Committee

The social committee works closely with the student president to plan events, both around holidays and generally of interest to Jewish students. Please get involved by coming to open student board meetings this year to help plan events and outings that you want to see happen at Hillel!

Freshmen Engagement Committee

As anyone who’s ever been on FreshFest (our annual Jewish freshmen orientation program) knows, Hillel student leaders work hard to engage new freshmen and get them involved with Hillel and Jewish life on campus. 2014’s Freshman Engagement co-chairs are Michelle Bielas and Aaron Rifkind. There are also 36 Freshmen Engagemnt Fellows who not only serve as counselors on FreshFest itself but continue to engage Jewish freshmen throughout the year. FEF’s (Freshmen Engagement Fellows) meet monthly to check-in, learn new tools for engagement, and plan programs specifically for Jewish freshmen.

Tzedek Committee

Tzedek—social justice—is an important part of Hillel and what we’re all about. That said, tzedek initiatives only get off the ground with student support and initiative. Get involved today to plan social justice initiatives, which we will have monthly throughot the year. As part of the Obama Challenge, we are also making a push to reach out and do justice work with other multicultural and religious groups on campus. Contact Sam Fein at

Jewish Learning

USC Hillel is proud to support programming for students of all backgrounds interested in Jewish learning. There are several opportunities to personalize your learning, as well as ongoing programs.
Contact either Rabbi Emily Hyatt at or Rabbi Yonah Bookstein at for more information or to set up a coffee date!