Israel Fellow

Coordinating, empowering and engaging

With generous support from Hillel; The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life, the Milstein Family Foundation, the Israel Leadership Council, and the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, the Israel Fellows initiative places young graduates of Israeli universities and the Israel defense Force on campuses across the country, supported and supervised by local Hillel professionals and a Jewish Agency for Israel national shaliach/project manager based in Hillel’s Schusterman International center in Washington, dc, who together create a robust and multifaceted Israel engagement and education strategy for the entire Hillel system.  As key members of the local Hillel staff, Fellows play a pivotal role each and every day on campus:

Dganit Abramoff

Dganit Abramoff
Jewish Agency Israel
Fellow to Hillel
(213) 973-1199

Empowering and supporting Jewish students who are already engaged with Israel, enhancing their knowledge base, and providing them with tools to initiate Israel activities on campus.

Engaging uninvolved Jewish students through meaningful informal interactions, personal story-telling and formal programs that help them explore their relationship with Israel in a safe and welcoming environment.

Educating the broader campus community about the importance of Israel and the unique role it plays in the geo-political arena.

Encouraging participation in Israel travel experiences and educational programs, thereby expanding the number of Jewish students visiting Israel each year.

Israel Fellows are dynamic young Israelis who bring their firsthand perspectives on Israel directly to tens of thousands Jewish students each year through peer relationships, organized trips, cultural events, education and advocacy.  They serve as Israel’s unofficial peer ambassadors in the local community, providing opportunities for students to discuss and experience every aspect of Israeli life, bridging the gap between Israel fact and fiction, and inspiring students to forge enduring commitments to Israel.

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