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“I went on Freshfest and made friends before I even stepped a foot on campus, which made me feel comfortable at USC right away.”

David Reich ’16

“Freshfest was the best decision I have made so far about college. I truly made my closest friends there, and it could not have made the transition into college more smooth!”

Michelle Agroskin ’18

“As a Spring Admit, I was worried about meeting people. Overall, FreshFest allowed me jump-start my USC experience while changing my entire outlook on starting college; I went from being scared to being extremely excited.”

Sam Korn ’18 Spring Admit

“I loved FreshFest because it really helped my transition into USC. Coming from across the country I was really nervous about being so far away from home, but having a “family” right off the bat gave me so much comfort. I met great people who I could easily relate to, but it also gave me such a sense of home.”

Brittany Fleck ’17

“When I attended Freshfest, I found it to be the perfect way to enter the Trojan family. The retreat itself is fun, all the counselors are friendly and willing to answer any questions about life at ‘SC, and I made many friends whom I continue to hang out with as an upperclassman.”

Ben Hannani ’16

“At first I was hesitant to participate in FreshFest because I thought it would be very Jewish-focused and not fun, but I was happily proved wrong! FreshFest provided me with a smooth and easy acclimation into college life. I couldn’t have asked for a better start to my college experience.”

Kevin Socolow ’18

“FreshFest was the place where I met my community and lifelong friends. FreshFest gave us all an unbreakable connection that creates friendships and links to people with familiar faces, not only for the time studying at USC, but also for the rest of our lives.”

Ali Deutsch ’18

“I could not have thought of a better way to start off my time at USC. FreshFest was such a valuable experience because it allowed me to meet other Jewish Trojans who were also new to USC and in the same position as I was. FreshFest allowed me to meet people instantly, many who actually ended up being some of my closest friends.”

Russell Monkarsh ’18

“I loved FreshFest because it gave me an opportunity to meet really cool people with similar interests to me before school even started! It made coming into a big school a lot easier because there were already familiar faces around campus.”

Phoebe Block ’18