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Joining you on the retreat are an incredible group of enthusiastic USC students who have all gone through the freshmen experience. They can help you navigate the challenges of college and will be available to you throughout the year to guide you. They are USC Hillel’s Freshmen Engagement Fellows (FEF).

Feel free to email any FEF with any questions about Freshfest, Hillel or USC.

2018 Co-Directors

freshfest-pic-logo Goldie Fields

freshfest-pic-logo Elliott Gabay

2018 Freshmen Engagement Fellows

AJ Eckstein AJ Eckstein

Ben Shiff Ben Shiff

Brandon Kaufman Brandon Kaufman

Chase Nathan Chase Nathan

CJ Wechsler CJ Wechsler

Daniel Newman Daniel Newman

Eli Salk Eli Salk

Ellie Schneider Ellie Schneider

Gabriel Katz Gabriel Katz

Hannah Cremer Hannah Cremer

Izzy Buri Izzy Buri

Jacky Norris Jacky Norris .

Jeremy Pascal Jeremy Pascal

Justin Hekmat Justin Hekmat

Lauren Klass Lauren Klass

Mara Lorin Mara Lorin

Meredith Leon Meredith Leon

Nicole Newman Nicole Newman

Noah Silver Noah Silver

Rachel Glouberman Rachel Glouberman

Rose Ritch Rose Ritch

Saman Hagigat Saman Hagigat

Samantha Berger Samantha Berger

Sami Rosenblatt Sami Rosenblatt

Shayan Kohanteb Shayan Kohanteb

Talia Reisbord Talia Reisbord

Zach Frischer Zach Frischer

Zach Stubbs Zach Stubbs

Zoe Ginsberg Zoe Ginsberg