Todd Sachs, Secretary

Todd SachsTodd Sachs together with his business partners built the Bamko Empire – a US-based supplier of gifts and premiums – with the help of the Internet. Within three years, the company grew from a small local distributor in one office to an international distributor with 50 employees in eight offices worldwide.

Bamko sells promotional items to different parts of the world and uses the online business-to-business marketplace to source a wide range of high quality products including clocks, calculators, speakers, computer accessories, stationery, bags and hats. exposes Bamko to numerous suppliers that could never be found any other way. It also allows the company to get the best price and bring brand new products to its clients in America.

“There are too many successful online deals to talk about,” said Todd, Vice President of International Operations & Production at Bamko. “Nearly all our sourcing originates from Alibaba! We have around 400 clients and over 200 of them are loyal, repeat customers. Our clients include Reebok, NBA teams, MLB teams, Jeep, Fox Entertainment, Pfizer, Universal, Boeing, and Revlon.”

Todd received the ‘Best International e-Businessman of the Year’ award from in September 2007 for his effective use of e-commerce to source and markets his products worldwide.